Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TMI Tuesday #182: Dance Edition

1. If you could describe your personality through a dance what would it be?

A waltz--old-fashioned and being led by the man.

2. What about describing your sex life through a type of dance?

Well, right now, it would be the wallflower waiting for someone to ask her to dance.

3. What's one move on the dance floor sure to turn you on?

Watching the Paso Doble tends to turn me on.

4. Is there a dancer you would love to be with? (Dancer can be used as loosely as you want!)

i want to do a horizontal Paso Doble with A.

5. What moves do you pull out to impress someone new?

It has been so long since i have been dancing that i don't know if i can remember any moves. i always preferred slow dancing and being held in the man's arms, so the moves would have been the man's anyway.

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