Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #49

1. Is April 1st a fun day, or an annoyance?

An annoyance.

2. What is the best prank you ever pulled or had pulled on you?

Probably when someone jumped out and scared me. That's happened a lot. Apparently people like to hear me scream. i can't remember ever pulling a prank on anyone. i'm too transparent to be effective.

3. What do you think is the most underrated sexual act?

Man-on-top missionary position, still my favorite.

4. What is your favorite website?

Google. It helps me find all the other websites.

5. What is the most annoying commercial on the air right now?

i don't see many because i don't watch TV very often, and when i do, it has been recorded, so i fast-forward through the commercials, but i remember seeing some commercials a couple months ago that were super irritating. There were animated line drawings and what sounded like someone talking on a staticky phone connection saying a bunch of crap that mostly was unintelligible, and what words could be made out made no sense. i never even knew what that stupid commercial was for.

6. If you were going to create a porn movie, please describe the title, premise and 1st sex scene.

Oh gosh, i guess i would have to call it 'Real Boobs, Real Orgasms', and the premise would be that the women actually have real boobs and real orgasms. i haven't seen any porn movies in a while, but what i most remember was how fake the women's boobs and orgasms were. For the first scene, i would try to get a real-life couple who are comfortable and experienced with having sex with each other and then just let them do their thing. There would be a focus on how the woman's natural boobs move naturally instead of the lack of movement and/or weird line and plastic ripply look of fake boobs when there is some movement. There would also be a focus on the physiological indications that the woman is actually for-real cumming. And most of all, she would NOT look at the camera with her tongue licking her lips trying to look sexy. If she was really truly cumming, that is what would be sexy.

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