Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #51: Story Time Edition

1.) Tell us how you picked the blog nickname that you write under. Were you considering using a different pseudonym or was the one you wound up with your first pick?

'His d' was my first pick. My name starts with 'd', so it was pretty easy to choose since i love being His.

2.) Tell us about your worst oral sex experience.

That was my first time since i had no idea what i was doing and wasn't sure i was doing it 'right', so i was really self-conscious about it. On the other hand, i don't think i've ever had a bad receptive oral sex experience.

3.) Tell us about the most fun night you've had in the last two months' time.

i don't get out much, so it has to be when i went out with my daughters on a trip to Las Vegas. We mostly drank, and much of it was free because the bartenders and male patrons were enamored of my beautiful daughters. i hardly ever drink, so i ended up being drunk the whole night and really paid for it the next day with a major headache. Another relative that was along on the trip recently posted pictures of the event on a social network, and seeing those pictures was so humiliating that i'm going to try being more sober and camera-aware on such excursions in the future. i did enjoy the night while it was happening, though.

4.) If you were in a restaurant sitting down ready to order and you saw something that grossed you out enough to make you get up right then and leave without ever ordering, tell us about what you saw to make you react that way.

This has never happened to me before, but i imagine if i saw cockroaches or mice or rats running around the restaurant, i'd lose my appetite and have to leave. This doesn't really fit into the scenario described, but something that really grosses me out is when employees use the restroom and don't wash their hands before going back to work. The problem is that when i have witnessed that, it has usually been AFTER i've eaten there, but once i see it, i don't go back.

5.) Tell us about your favorite childhood toy.

It is a toss-up between Barbies and Madame Alexander dolls. i collected both. i loved dressing and undressing them and doing their hair.

6.) Tell us about the weirdest sexual proposition you've ever been faced with.

Weird and super gross. A couple of different men told me they wanted to do oral sex on me while i was on my period. It never happened, and after hearing about that, i wasn't interested in anything else, either.

7.) Tell us about one of the not-so-good dates you and your current (or ex if you have no current) significant other have gone on.

My wedding nights were not very good. With my first ex-husband, he got sick and was throwing up all night long. With my second ex-husband, we were walking back to the hotel after going to a movie, and some idiots driving by threw a water balloon at us, and it hit and broke on me, and it wasn't water in the balloon. Maybe those wedding nights were omens that the marriages were cursed and doomed.

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