Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 5--It's Cold!

1. What’s your favorite frozen heat-and-eat food?

Chicken pot pie.

2. How sensitive are you to cool temperatures?

Very. i prefer warm or even hot and even blazing hot to cold. i do not like being cold.

3. How many ice-cube trays are there in your freezer?


4. What aspect of your life seems to be frozen in place?

my knitting and crocheting projects. Not much has been happening there in recent months. Everything else is moving along pretty well, though.

5. What’s your favorite blanket like?

It is a 100% down comforter/duvet that my mother gave me many years ago. She also made the dark blue cover for it. It never fails to keep me warm no matter how cold it gets. In warmer weather, my favorites are the quilts my grandmother made for me.

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