Saturday, March 21, 2009

Submissive Journal

How does your owner expect you to communicate when you are angry/upset?

i believe the most important part of communicating those types of feelings is to be respectful when addressing Him about it.

Secondly, i need to be sure i do it. i need to be completely transparent with my feelings and not hide anything from Him or keep things in. i need to open up to Him completely so that i am completely His. If i keep things from Him, then i am keeping a part of myself to myself, which is withholding and not submitting or surrendering my all to Him. He wants to own me inside and out (and i want Him to!), so the inside has to be completely revealed to Him for that to be.

Since we do not live together, timing is not very crucial, and i can email what i am feeling as i am feeling it, and He can read it when He wants to and address it or not as He wishes at His convenience.

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