Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Weirdness #48

1.) What is your significant other's worst habit?

Not giving me enough attention sometimes. i crave His attention.

2.) What piece of clothing that isn't lingerie or an undergarment do you have that you feel especially sexy/handsome in?

There is a top i liked so much that i got it in three different colors. It's old-fashioned looking and laces up the front from bottom to top with ribbon, and a portion of the sleeves laces up with ribbons, too. i think it's a really pretty feminine look.

3.) If you could drink ONLY two beverages for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Water and iced tea.

4.) What is your worst habit?

Procrastination. i gave this same answer on another meme the other day, but on that one i think the question was about my worst character flaw. It is also a bad habit. i think it can be overcome as long as i don't put off working on it (a little joke there).

5.) Are you superstitious in any way?

No. There are times when i have thought i was cursed, though, but i don't think that's superstition.

6.) What kind of shopping do you hate doing most? (Grocery shopping, clothes shopping, shoe shopping, etc)

All of the above. Shopping is not a fun activity for me. i like to get in, get it done and get out as quickly as possible. There are a lot more fun and interesting things to do.

7.) What was a “fad” you remember from your childhood?

The Wheel-O. i loved that thing. i even came across one in recent years and still loved it. But my kids managed to wreck it. i don't think the newer version was as sturdy as the original. Other fads i remember enjoying are:

Chinese jump ropes
Klackers (big acrylic balls on string that got banned from school for being dangerous)
Slam books (those were great--pre-blogosphere memes!)
Mini skirts
Go-go boots
Granny dresses and granny coats
Peasant blouses (these seem to be making a come-back, and i'm happy about it)

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