Sunday, March 15, 2009

What Turns Me On

i was recently involved in a discussion regarding various BDSM activities where people were discussing their favorites, and i was explaining that what i eventually came to realize was that it was not any particular activity that was such a turn-on to me. It is more about the man than anything else. i am attracted to dominant men who like to do those kinds of things, so that is why those things turn me on.

That's why i have such a hard time filling out preference lists where you're supposed to pick out your favorite things to do sexually and BDSM-wise. i like these things to be directed by the man i am with, so it is really his preferences that matter. If it is important to him, it is important to me because he is important to me.

To me, it's just part of loving such a man--submitting to his desires because fulfilling his desires is my desire.

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