Monday, March 16, 2009

Microfantasy Monday--Green

After all the tedious posing for the wedding pictures, the photographer finally dismissed us. While the rest of the wedding party made their way directly to the lakeshore reception site, where all the guests were already waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, i decided to take the more meandering path through the evergreen trees that encircled the lake. i was disappointed that His flight had been delayed and He had not been able to make it to the wedding.

At least the pictures were going to turn out lovely. My sister, the bride, was breathtakingly beautiful, more so than most brides, i thought. And she had been very gracious to choose my maid-of-honor gown in a flattering jade that made the most of my green eyes. Also carefully chosen was the head wreath fashioned of greenery and baby's breath that did not complete with my fiery red hair, which was hanging loose down my back.

As i was thinking that it was time for me to start heading back to the reception, i was grabbed from behind, and just as my brain registered the tight grip of hands clamped around my breasts, i heard "you're MINE" growled into my ear. i thought of spinning around to kiss Him, but instead i relaxed and melted back into Him, so happy to finally be held in His hands, savoring the heat of His body against mine and the warmth of His breath against my ear. Luxuriating in being surrounded by Him, i waited for whatever was going to happen next, knowing that He would tell me.


  1. Lovely. I like the setting, and the surprise. ^_^

  2. Weary but happy. Impatient but relaxed. Strong but submissive. Just how you wrote it teaches me things. I keep sitting here and revisiting sections. Thank you.

  3. Welcome to the MfM mafia.. do come back, ya hear?