Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Thunks

1. The last flight of stairs you walked up/down - were they carpeted?

The last time i climbed enough stairs to qualify as a "flight" was in a parking garage, so no carpeting, just bare concrete.

2. Green or purple grapes?

i don't remember ever eating a grape. i like mine in liquid form. Based on appearance, though, i prefer purple.

3. Do you like Peeps?

No, they're not kosher.

4. The smell of Vicks - like it?

Ordinarily, no, but if i'm congested, i like it.

5. Do you put decorative cling-ons on your windows for different holidays?


6. Finish the sentence - I spent too much money on ________ .

Yarn. It used to be a toss-up between books and yarn, but these days i look for books i want to read at the library first, and the library has had most of them so that i rarely have to purchase any. Unfortunately, borrowing does not work very well for yarn usage.

7. Which celebrity should be flown into outer space or placed on a desert island?

The ever disgusting O.J. Simpson.

8. Would you support schools changing the "open" time? Such as 10am - 5pm, for example?

Probably not. i like it the way it is.

9. Do you go fishing?'

i haven't gone fishing in a loooooooooong time, but i think i would remember how if i did.

10. What question should we ask next week?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


  1. Good call on OJ Simpson and Michael Jackson can share an island somewhere ;)

  2. Great answers, I said Octomom! My favorite ice cream is mango cream but we only found that in Hawaii!